24 / Nov

Pleasure Riders

In most countries of the world cycling has become quite popular where people cycle as a form of transport; some do it as an exercise while others ride for fun. In Bangladesh a very noticeable growth can be seen in the cycling community where groups such as BDcyclists have created a huge hype in the society and many of our youngsters are taking great interest. Inspired by BDcyclists, our group is created for anyone who has a passion for cycling; our target at Pleasure Riders is to take our cycling community to the greatest height in the country where at one point we wish to see at least one cyclist in every other house-hold. We are not trained athletes but we do share the same passion for riding.
Statistically, people who cycle are likely to live longer than people who drive, because the extra life years you gain through active travel far outweigh the risks presented by your relative vulnerability on the road. Even with the dangers of cycling in traffic, if your goal is actually to live longer, you would be better off cycling than not. But psychologists have found that most of us just aren’t that good at assessing risk. With the massive traffic issue we all have to face every day to go to work or school, riding a bike is without a doubt the most convenient way to reach your destination , that too in a more healthy and economical friendly way.
We have realized that if you have people cycle more, you have a livelier, attractive, safer, and more sustainable and healthier country.